November 21, 2017

Autocad Training in Ameerpet

AutoCAD is the Quality design software tool used in the engineering, architecture, Interior design and construction Industries. Designers and drafters use it to create 2D and 3D computer drawings. Students Interested in learning how to use this autocad software can complete course work to earn a certificate or degree or take individual non-credit classes at a higher education institution.

Autocad Training in ameerpet

Courses that earn continuing education units toward professional development and training are available at Autodesk-authorized training centers, some of them which are private organizations. Some of these training options can make students for professional certification through Autodesk. Graduates of these programs may find Autocad Jobs with architectural and design firms, construction businesses or engineering companies.

The following are some of the most common topics covered in AutoCAD design courses:
->3D modeling
->Multiple Lines
->Geometric Shapes
->Isometric drawings
->Linear Dimensions
->Polar Arrays
->Layers and Line Types

List of Common Courses

Introduction to AutoCAD Course
Introductory courses provide students with a basic knowledge of AutoCAD’s interface, menu options, toolbar and operational commands. Courses often include the opportunity for students to observe the execution of professional drafting projects and learn to create their own 2D designs. Basic skills include drawing, editing, layering and plotting.

Intermediate AutoCAD Course
After completing prerequisite introductory instruction in Auto Cad, students often receive training in intermediate level AutoCAD skills. These can include hatching, dimensionless, cross-references, tables and block attributes. Students can also be introduced to 3D designs and related drafting skills in preparation for advanced AutoCAD training.

Advanced AutoCAD Course
Advanced AutoCAD courses focus on 3D designs, as well as the required navigation and modeling tools used to create 3D drawings. Students learn to use concepts such as lighting, mapping and solid-model creation. Courses can also include practice in importing and scanning images into 3D models.

Training Programs in AutoCAD

AutoCAD courses are available in AutoCAD and Autodesk certificate programs. Students can complete these training programs online or in a traditional classroom format. AutoCAD training programs might consist of only one comprehensive course that includes progressive instruction from basic to advanced skill levels. More often, students are required to complete several courses over a specified period of time, sometimes as long as three years. Some programs also include instruction in other CAD software programs such as Revit and 3ds MAX Design.

Job Duties

AutoCAD technicians are drafters, professionals who create technical drawings used in the construction of products and materials. Their drawing is carried out with specific CAD software. Working electronically allows drafters to more quickly prepare and edit schemata, which in turn facilitates a more efficient production process. Despite their electronic emphasis, though, computerized drafters still require knowledge of traditional pen-and-paper drafting techniques, in order to better understand the principles behind their work.

The plans created by drafters are employed by many different industries. For example, architectural and civil drafters work in construction and draw up outlines for buildings, highways, pipelines and more. Mechanical, electrical and electronics drafters create plans for circuitry and equipment. Drafters are also used in the aeronautical industry, where they design aircraft, missiles and the like.

Required Education

Community colleges and technical institutes offer Autocad courses in CAD technology. Students may earn a certificate or an associate’s degree. Certificate programs are generally briefer and require only a few classes in AutoCAD drafting, while associate’s degree programs typically last two years and include general education classes in addition to specific coursework in drafting, design and manufacturing. Associate’s degrees in the field also give students the option to later continue their education in a 4-year program such as manufacturing engineering technology or even business management.

Universities usually don’t offer 4-year programs in drafting. However, prospective drafting students might consider taking courses in engineering, mathematics and architecture. In addition, bachelor’s degree programs in mechanical engineering technology might include specific courses on CAD technology.


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