March 21, 2017

Internship Program


Civil Engineering Internship Program, #omegacadd

Are you looking for a Civil Engineering Internship Programs. Then here is chance with us, We started giving Internship Programs to civil engineers. During your internship at Omegacadd, you’ll have the chance to work with some of the most highly respected engineers and specialized in the field of buildings. You’ll also get the opportunity to work on exciting and significant projects, delivering quality work that has a positive and lasting influence on the community and the environment.

Learning Touch Points

We at Omegacadd offer Internship Program for a period of 3 months on the below listed titles.
1. Structural Draftsman – AutoCAD and Construction Drawings
2. Quantity Surveyor – AutoCAD and Quantity Surveying
3. Site Engineer – AutoCAD and Site Execution

This employment will serve as a curricular practical training associated with academic program. The location of internship assignment will be at Omegacadd, Hyderabad and the students are expected to work 40 hours per week.

Job Responsibilities will include

1. Structural Draftsman: Preparation of Structural Construction drawings for buildings, as per SP-34 code book using AutoCAD software. Major part of work will be in office and site visits will be there for better understanding.

2.Quantity Surveyor: Preparation of Estimates for Building project which include calculation of quantities of all items involved in Buildings through AutoCad soft copy and arrive at the Budgeted cost of the project. Major part of work will be in office and site visits will be there for better understanding.

3.Site Engineer: Execution of a Building project from marking stage to completion as per AutoCAD Construction Drawings. Major part of work will be at Site and classroom sessions will be conducted in office for better understanding.

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