March 19, 2017

Manual RCC Design Training in Ameerpet

What is RCC

RCC stand for “Reinforced Cement Concrete“. It is the composition of adding steel and concrete instead of using only concrete to equalize some limitations. Concrete is weak in soft stress with compared to its compressive stress. To equalize this limitation, steel reinforced cement is used in the concrete at the place where the section is subjected to soft stress.

The reinforcement is usually round in shape with approximate surface deformation is placed in the form in advance of the concrete. When the reinforcement is surrounded by the hardened concrete mass, it form an integral part of the member. The resultant combination of two materials are known as reinforced concrete. In this case the cross-sectional area of the beam or other flexural member is greatly reduced. You can also read the article on reinforced concrete beam behavior.

Rainforced cement concrete

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1). Structural Design consists in proportions various elements of building such the loads on it are transferred safely to ground.
2). Understanding about how forces are transferred between the materials is necessary transmission of forces between materials depends on roughness of bars due to bond stress.
3). Aim of design is to decide shape, size and connection details of members so that the structure being designed will perform satisfactorily during its intended value.
4). A structure may become unfit for use not only when it collapse but also when it violates the serviceability requirement of deflections, vibrations, cracks, corrosion fire etc.

I) General Philosophy of Building Designs
a) General Introduction
b) Design Philosophy
c) Computer Aided Design
d) Steps involved in RCC Design.

II) Prerequisites of Building Design
a) Study of Architectural Drawing
b) Study of field Data.
c) List of codes for building design
d) General practice followed in Design.

III) General Procedure of Building Design.
a) Guideline for preparation of RCC Layout
b) Numbering system and notations to be adopted in layout.
c) Guidelines for fixing the position and orientation of columns in the layout.
d) Guidelines for fixing the beam positions.
e) Guidelines for fixing the slab direction.
f) Preliminary Beam Design.
g) Preliminary Column Design and Determination of site and column sections.
h) Analysis of building frame (Example).

IV) Structural Model and Analysis
a) Preparation of Model of Building by – any one of the below.
a. Staadpro
b. Etabs
c. Strap
d. SAP2000
b) Analysis by above said any one software.
c) Design of various RCC Elements of Building (Footing, Columns, Beams, Slabs, Staircase etc.)

V) Detailing of RCC Members
a) Notes to appear on various schedules.
b) Manual Sketches.

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Manual Rcc Design Training in Ameerpet.
Manual Rcc Design Institute in Ameerpet.
Manual Rcc Design Course Training in Ameerpet
Training Institute for Manual Rcc Design in Ameerpet