March 20, 2017

Primavera Training in Ameerpet


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Primavera software packages contains P6, Pro-sight, Contract Manager, Cost Manager, Pert-master, SureTrak, Evolve and Inspire. The newest addition to the suite of project management solutions is Primavera P6, which is an integrated Project portfolio management solution that provides a real-time view of portfolio performance. Primavera P6 also offers what-if scenario modeling, tabular scorecards and capacity analysis.

There are two domains with P6 tool :-
1. Scheduling and 2. Monitoring
In the Scheduling stage, the project is planned for project duration, and to calculate floats which are used to know to what extent activities can be delayed without delaying the project duration.

The Modules covered in Broad way:-
1. Scheduling Function
2. Resource Management Function
3. Tracking (or) Monitoring function
4. Reporting Function

Basics Covered before software
1. Concept of Project Management
2. Methods of Analysis (Network)
3. About Slacks/Floats
4. CPM Method

Introduction to Primavera:

Primavera is a project management information system tool with which helps projects within the enterprise to be integrated planned, executed monitored and controlled, and closed in the most effective way. Clear guide for PRIMAVERA BEGINNERS.

Primavera Modules:-

1. Project Management:-
a. It is a multiuser, multi-project system with scheduling and resource control capabilities.
b. It supports an Enterprise project structure (EPS) with an unlimited number of projects.
c. The module includes integrated risk management.
d. It is used for planning, monitoring and controlling projects.
e. Stores and manages projects in a central location.

2. Methodology Management:-
a. It is a system for storing project plan templates, in a central location.
b. Project managers can select, combine, and tailor methodologies to create custom project plans.
c. These customized methodologies can be imported into the project management module using the project Architect wizard and used as template for new projects.

3. Portfolio Analysis:-
a. Project summary and tracking information for executives, Senior ,managers and program managers ,via a rich set of graphics , spreadsheets and reports.

4. Time Sheets:-
a. Enables web-based time keeping and communication.
b. Team members see all supporting information they used to co-ordinate and perform their work while communicating directly with the central database.

5. Primavera Web application:-
a. Users can create, manage, status, and schedule projects using web browser.

Enterprise and Project-Specific data:-

Data is Primavera is entered into two levels
1. Enterprise data :
a. Enterprise data provides the global structure needed to manage multiple projects.
b. It is available to all the projects across the organization and provides the structure necessary for centralized project and resource management.
a. Examples of Centralized Project Management include :
i. Enterprise Project Structure (EPS)
ii. Organization Project Structure (OPS)
iii.Project Codes
iv. Admin Categories and preference
v. Roles and resources
vi. Cost Accounts

2. Project-Specific data :-
a. Project –specific data is only available to the project in which it is defined.
b. Examples of Centralized Project Management include :
i. Dates
ii. Work Breakdown Structure(WBS)
iv. Activity Relationships
v. Base tines
vi. Expenses
viii.Threshold and Issues
ix. Work products and Documents
x. project website.

3. Enterprise/Project-specific data:
a. The following types of data are enterprise, as well as project-specific
i. Calendars
ii. Reports
iii.Activity Codes

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