March 20, 2017

Quantity Surveying Training in Ameerpet


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A Quantity Surveyor (QS) is a construction industry professional with expert knowledge on construction costs and contracts. They are not to be confused with Land Surveyors or Land Survey Engineers. Services provided by a quantity surveyor may include: Cost consulting and Cost estimating.

An Estimate is a calculation of the quantities of various of work and the expenses likely to be incurred there on. The total of these probable expenses to be incurred on the work is known as estimated cost of the work. The estimated cost of a work is a close approximation of its actual cost. The agreement of the estimated cost with the actual cost will depend mainly upon the accurate use of estimation methods and correct visualization of the work as it will be done.

Importance of correct estimating is obvious. Under estimating may result in the client getting an unpleasant shock when tenders are opened and drastically modifying or abandoning the work at that stage over estimating may lose the engineer his client or his job or in any case his confidence.

Estimating is the most important of practical aspects of engineering, and the subject deserves the closest attention of one aspiring to career in the profession. It is a comparatively simple subject to understand; however, as it brings one up against practical work methods and procedures, acknowledge of it cannot be acquired without close application.

Quantity surveyor is professional working within the construction industry concerned with construction. Costs and contracts these are not to be confused with land survey engineers or land surveyors who are engineers. Quantity surveyors not engineers but construction estimation professionals.

Purpose of Estimating

1) To give reasonably accurate idea of the cost
2) Estimating materials.
3) Estimating the labour.
4) Estimating the time.

Data required for preparing an estimate

In order to prepare a detailed estimate the estimator must have with him the following data.
1) All Architectural plans, sections and relevant details of the work.
2) All structural drawings.
3) Specifications indicating the exact nature.
4) And class of materials to be used.
5) The rates at which the different items of work are carried out.

Qualifications of an Estimator

1) A thorough understanding of the architectural and structural drawing.
2) A should knowledge of building materials construction methods and customs prevailing in the trade.
3) A fund of information, collected or gained through experience in construction work, relation to materials required, hourly output of workers overhead expenses and costs of all kinds.
4) An understanding of a good method of preparing an estimate.
5) A systematic and orderly mind.
6) Ability to do careful and accurate calculations.
7) Ability to collect, classify and evaluate data that would be useful in estimating.

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