March 20, 2017

SAP 2000

sap2000 course training in hyderabad, #omegacadd

SAP 2000 course is among the top structural engineering software’s used by Civil Engineers. For the analysis and design of structural systems ranging from basic to advance, 2d to 3d, simplex to complex geometry.

With SAP 2000 you can develop a computational building model with different kinds of materials cross-sectional dimensions of various structural members like columns, beams, trusses etc, gives you accurate and precise ready to use reports and output presentable results.

Advanced analytical techniques allow for step by step large deformation analysis eigen and Ritz analysis based on stiffness of non linear cases, cable analysis, material non linear analysis with fiber hingers multi layered nonlinear shell element, building analysis progressive collapse analysis, energy method for drift control, velocity dependent dampers base isolates, Support plasticity and non linear segmental construction analysis. Non linear analysis can be static and/ or time history with options for FNA, non linear time history dynamic analysis and direct integration.

From a simple small 2D Static frame analysis to a large complex 3D non linear dynamic analysis, SAP 2000 is the easiest, most productive solution for structural analysis and design needs.

Who can participate:

Working Professionals/ Graduates/Graduates engaged in research work who want to make their carrier in structural analysis and design.


SAP2000 Training in Ameerpet.
SAP2000 Institute in Ameerpet.
SAP2000 Course Training in Ameerpet
Training Institute for SAP2000 in Hyderabad