March 22, 2017

Steel Manual Design

Structural steel design, #omegacadd

A Steel structure is an assemblage of a group of members expected to sustain their share of applied forces and to transfer them safely in the ground. The main advantage of steel structure are their smaller weight to strength ratio, speed of erection and dismantling, and its scrap value. However, the faster degradation of their strength in the events of fire, requirements of skilled personals and the accuracy desired in the fabrication are the major drawbacks.

The design of steel structure involves the planning of the structure for specific purposes, proportioning of members to carry loads in the most economical manner, and considerations for erection at site.


• Fundamentals of steel design as per I.S 800-2007, LIMIT STATE DESIGN
• Structural planning for steel Building
• Classification of cross section
• Partial safety factor for material
• Column bracing
• Floor bracing
• Diagonal bracing
• Introduction to bolted and welded connection
• Design of tension members
• Design of Compression members
• Design of flexural members
• Design for base plate design connection
• Check for design of compression strength
• Check for design bending strength
• Check for local buckling
• Check for member resistance in compression
• Check for member buckling resistance in bending
• Check for overall buckling resistance for combined resistance for combined bending and axial compression


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